Getting Results: $2,000 grill stolen from local church

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Community service at one local church has stopped after a grill worth thousands of dollars was stolen. The grill was used to feed local football teams, and those who are less fortunate. 

Leaders at Bethlehem Church said they couldn't believe what they saw on their security video on September 3; a red pickup truck leaving with their grill in broad daylight. 

"There is a local ministry that we try and cook food for those that are less fortunate," Youth Pastor Cody Mummau explained. 

Their mission has temporarily stopped after a brazen thief took off with the grill. Now, you can help the church get results. 

"Somebody backed right up to it and off they went," Mummau said. 

The equipment, isn't your average backyard barbeque. The church paid $2,000 for the grill. It's so large it can only be moved using a trailer hitch. 

"It is a large grill and honestly a lot of the men of this church gave their own money. It didn't come out of a budget or anything, they did that so that this church would be able to do things like that for this community," Mummau said. 

What surprised church leaders is the thieves used an access road in broad daylight. They may have even left through a neighborhood or the popular South New Hope Road.

"You know initially I was angry towards them because they have taken something that was right next to our student center, but honestly it really makes me sad for them that they are in a place where that is something they feel they have to do," Mummau explained. 

Warning signs along the church access road didn't deter whoever was behind the wheel of the red truck. The church is asking the public to help get them results - posting the security footage on social media. 

"I figured I would post it on my social media and our student ministry and maybe get 20 people to share it," Mummau said. 

Instead, it has been shared more than 1,000 times. 

"It's really cool to see how people have stepped up and said hey we have a grill you can use we will come out and help you cook," Mummau said. 

Youth Pastor Cody Mummau said he appreciates the support. 

"I don't want anything bad and I am not angry now. The biggest thing is just bring it back. If you bring it down here and drop it off that's all I want. I want the grill back and I want to be able to use it again," Mummau said. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Gastonia Police Department.