Getting Results: Changes underway after Rowan County Animal Shelter fails inspection

Fox 46 Charlotte is getting results, asking what's being done to make changes after the Rowan County Animal Shelter failed a state inspection.

According to the inspector, the sanitation for the animals' enclosures is "not acceptable” and three of the cages in the stray cat hold room were "very dirty."

The shelter failed the inspection on August 23 and fired its veterinarian, Dr. Robert Krawczyk on the same day.

Animal services director Bob Pendergrass responded to the failed state inspection. Pendergrass said, “It makes me feel like I need to do a better job. That's what we're going to look for ways to improve, and we're going to address these issues.”

The shelter will respond to the inspection report by presenting a plan for making improvements, and then there will be a follow-up inspection by the state.

"There were three cages that were very dirty. One of the cages housed a mother cat and five kittens. This cage had a feral cat box in it and the box was streaked with feces and litter on the inside and outside," the inspector noted.

Krawczyk's first day on the job was on August 1. 

In his termination letter to FOX 46 Charlotte the Director of Animal Services in Rowan County said Krawczyk was fired because of: 

  • Improper comments to staff and visitors
  • Failure to properly document medications for important shelter records 
  • Failure to complete assigned daily tasks
  • Lack of attention to detail in applying medical treatments and evaluations 

View the full inspection notes, here.