Getting Results: Christine Ward brings a creative spark to teaching

FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor teachers who are getting results. This week, we're honoring a biology teacher at West Mecklenburg High School who has a knack for making learning fun. 

There's no question why Mrs. Christine Ward is a teacher getting results. She makes biology - fun

"You have to figure out the genotype of the parents before I give you guys anything," Mrs. Ward said to her class, getting them further engaged. 

She's the first teacher FOX 46 Charlotte met - to use our cupcakes - as an incentive. 

"It's not one of those classes where you're like 'oh not this again,' it's one where you're like, 'I'm ready,' you're happy to be here, because she's fun," Sophomore Xavier Harris said. 

"I get bored very easy, as they could probably all tell you, so I try to make it as applicable to their lives as possible," Mrs. Ward explained. 

Teaching wasn't part of Christine Ward's life plan. She thought she'd pursue a career in medicine. 

"I wanted to help serve the needy in medicine, but I figured out that education determines if people need help later on. So, I wanted to help close that achievement gap, and that's what I've been working for ever since," she said. 

"She's a very motivating teacher, she won't leave you behind," Harris said. 

Mrs. Ward is involved in the school leadership team, mentoring new teachers, even tutoring students long after they leave her class. West Mecklenburg Principal Casey Jones said her success is from her authenticity. 

"Our kids do a good job of reading through and seeing through the layers, so when you're authentic, it allows them to see who you are and see that you care about them, and so that gets to them into the mindset of giving you their all," Principal Jones said. 

Mrs. Ward said she can't imagine leaving West Meck or doing anything else - besides teaching. 

"I wouldn't do anything besides education. This is what I love, these guys," she said, pointing to her students. 

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