Getting Results: Family of 6 displaced by fire may soon have new home

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for a family of six forced out of their home by a fire on Labor Day.

Code enforcement officers reached out to the family after our report shed light on their situation, and they’re now scheduled to meet on Friday so the family can enter into an emergency housing program.

Towonna Ruth knows firsthand how FOX 46 gets results. After her family was forced out of their rental home by fire, someone encouraged her to call FOX 46. 

"She was like why don't you try calling them, they cover stories as far as trying to help people get results," Ruth said. 

The family may now be able to get out of a cramped hotel room they're sharing, and into a sustainable place to live.

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"Through the help of you and our story being shared on FOX 46, we are getting there," said Ruth.

Code enforcement officers drove by the burned rental property Thursday, unaware the family needed a place to live. The code enforcement officer then saw an email from FOX 46 and asked us to help them get in contact with Ruth and her family. 

"I don't know as you can see the smile is huge," Ruth said. 

It's a smile for her, but a frown from code enforcement, as the landlord who is supposed to clean-up the property has been a no show, nowhere to be found.

He's also ignored FOX 46's calls, asking why there were no smoke detectors inside the rental home, and why code enforcement violations were being left for a neighbor to deal with.

"He has been blowing everyone off. He's blown off the news, he's blown off me, the neighbor, the code enforcement officer, the police, the fire chief."

Code enforcement officers are actively looking for the landlord. He will be required to meet with them eventually because an administrative hearing has been scheduled for October 5.

If you want to help out Ruth and her family, you can donate to their GoFundMe here