Getting results: Man donates kidney to Gaston County patient after seeing FOX 46 story

FOX 46's Nick Kosir shared an amazing 'getting results' story on Facebook Friday afternoon, and it's giving us all the feels!

Nick says several months ago, FOX 46 viewer Keith Roach introduced himself to our favorite dancing weatherman at the gym, saying he was a fan of Good Day Charlotte. Pretty routine stuff, Nick said. 

"So, I was at the gym one day when the man in the picture next to me (Keith Roach) came up and introduced himself. He told me he was a fan of Good Day Charlotte and we chatted for maybe five minutes. Afterwards, I went on to finish my workout and eventually I kind of forgot about the interaction." 

But hold on, because this story gets better! Nick says several months pass by and he sees Keith again. This time, he told Nick something unforgettable. 

"He said after our first interaction he went home and told his wife he met me. When his wife didn’t recognize my name Keith went to to show her my picture. While he was surfing through our website he came across a story Brett Baldeck FOX 46 did about a man that needed a kidney transplant. That man’s name was Brian Armstrong.

Long story short - seeing that story on our site inspired Keith to donate his kidney to Brian." 


Truly 'getting results', this FOX 46 story led to a local man getting a life-saving kidney transplant! Keith says the procedure was a complete success and Brian is doing great. 

"This whole experience has truly taught me one thing. God is always at work."

The only thing Nick asks? SHARE this story. SHARE the link to our website This is what we're all about: Getting results in our community, and there are plenty more people in need of help.

"Who knows... maybe it will inspire another unbelievable act of kindness."