Getting Results: NCDOT vows to cleanup trash mounds, overall problem tying up tax dollars

FOX 46 is getting results for a homeowner in West Charlotte who says his road is nearly impassable from mounds of trash. People have been illegally dumping trash along the road for months, but so far no one has taken responsibility for the cleanup.

“A lot of times I will see trash and not recognize it from the day before. So it's something that is still happening on a regular basis,” said homeowner, Jack Mayhue.

Mayhue is the only homeowner living along the road. The area is just off Sam Wilson Road in West Charlotte and a stone’s throw from I-85. In fact, his road is named I-85 Service Road. It’s a dead end street that is normally only used by NCDOT crews.

No one should be driving down the road, but looking at the couches, mattresses and other household items that have been left behind, it’s clear many people have been using the road as a dump.

"It's not my road and technically it's not my property and I shouldn't have to run folks off,” said Mayhue.

With a simple phone call FOX 46 was able to get results by notifying NCDOT officials about what was going on. Getting results, NCDOT leaders promised to send a cleanup crew.

It’s something Mayhue says is long overdue.

"Absolutely. I want my kids to come out here and ride their bikes, or in my youngest case, learn to ride a bike. I want them to be able to learn to ride without falling in someone else’s trash,” said Mayhue.

NCDOT spends millions of dollars every year cleaning up other people’s trash across the state. That's millions of taxpayer dollars that could be spent fixing roads. Cleanup also ties up manpower that could be used elsewhere.

Jack Mayhue believes there is an easy fix to prevent taxpayer dollars from being spent cleaning up his road, again.

"Cameras alone with be extremely helpful,” said Mayhue.

An NCDOT spokesperson didn’t give a specific timetable for when the area would be cleaned up. FOX 46 will continue pressing officials for answers.