Getting Results: Smoke detectors installed in Charlotte apartment complex where building caught fire

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results working to get a life-saving device for families. It's been two weeks since a fire tore through a Park Creek Apartments in east Charlotte. Fire officials said smoke detectors weren't working in the building that caught fire and in other buildings.

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, two weeks after the fire, FOX 46 Charlotte returned to the apartment complex to make sure apartment managers have done what they’re required to do by law in Mecklenburg County, have working smoke detectors and CO detectors in every apartment.

People living at Park Creek Apartments said the apartment management didn’t waste any time, after the fire, making things safer.

“I didn’t feel safe before. In any moment, an accident could happen. You never know. If you’re sleeping, it could happen like it happened in the other building,” said Luis Diaz, a resident at Park Creek Apartments.

FOX 46 Charlotte got results for the people who live at the complex. We were the first to report that the City of Charlotte slapped the property management with more than $5,000 in fines, following a fire at the complex on January 10, 2017.

The deputy fire marshal said there were smoke detectors either not working or not even there in all 27 buildings of the apartment complex.

But just days after the fire, and after FOX 46 Charlotte reported on the problems, Diaz said maintenance workers installed a working smoke detector in his apartment.

“I didn’t have a working alarm before, but now I have one. I had the alarm, but it just didn’t work. That creates a problem because if we ever had a fire, we would have never been warned. We would have burned,” said Diaz.

Diaz’s building wasn’t the one that caught fire two weeks ago, and even though no one got hurt in the fire, Diaz knows it could have been his apartment that went up in flames with nothing to warn him.

“I felt really bad for the people that were in the fire. I want the management to pay attention more to the things in the apartment complex, so we’re safer,” Diaz said.