Girl Scouts Launch Investigation after getting Counterfeit Bill

File Photo: Girl Scout Cookies

A girl scout troop trying to raise money through it's annual girl scout cookies fundraiser ended up losing money after a man handed them a fake bill, they tell FOX 46.

According to the troop, the girl scouts were set up outside a Charlotte mattress store when a man walked up, wanting to buy cookies, and gave a scout a $100 bill. The scout gave him cookies, and change for the bill, a total of $92 back in cash.

Turns out the $100 bill he used was counterfeit. Now, police are investigating, and the girl scouts are trying to make up for the loss.

The troops believe the man knew he was giving them counterfeit money. They've also launched their own investigation.

"It is an unfortunate situation that someone would take advantage of our Girl Scouts. The cookie program is a fundraiser that supports our girls and we would hope that local citizens would uphold the same standards we expect of our scouts: honesty, fairness and character," Troop dad Jason Buzzard said.

They were saving money for their annual trip to Savannah.

After a day the $100 was replaced by donations.