Girlfriend of Catawba County shooting victim speaks out

A quiet, rural home in Hickory tucked back in a wooded area was rocked by gunfire around 2:00 a.m, on Friday. In an instant, those inside woke up to bullet holes just about everywhere,

"The gunshots were so rapid. It was probably about 50 to 100 rounds. It was an automatic weapon," said the girlfriend of the victim. 

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Adrian Ramirez was sleeping inside with her when the home was fired at. Catawba County deputies say Ramirez was struck and died at the scene. His girlfriend says there was little time to react.

"I am not safe in here. I am armed. I have two guns and couldn't even get to them,” she said.  

She showed FOX 46 the bullet holes in the walls, the kitchen and even the security system. Deputies quickly notified extended family in the area about the shooting.

"They sent officers to my other children’s house to make sure they were ok because they were involved in the last incident."

The last incident she is referring to is a similar shooting that took place in 2015. The Catawba County Sheriff's Office wouldn't comment if the two shootings are related.

Deputies say the case is still under investigation.