Give a can, save a life! Firefighters raise funds for burn survivors

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results by working with the Firefighters' Burned Children Fund to help two local families with loved ones who were severely burned earlier this week.

A father of four from Concord, Jason Easley, will have his first surgery Thursday morning. We're told Easley was starting a fire in the fireplace on Sunday when the starting fuel exploded.

"He has somewhere between 45 and 48 percent third-degree burns. He is conscious and alert and able to talk to his family. But he has at least 45 to 60 days in the ICU," said Jason Dickson with the Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund.

7-year-old Katlyn Cook from the NODA house fire on Monday is also at Wake Forest Baptist Burn Center awaiting her first surgery. We're told she has burns to her skin and respiratory tract and at last check is sedated.

"She does make arm movements and leg movements. Though subtle, she does realize there are loved ones by her side."

Dickson with the firefighters' burned children's fund has been speaking with and helping both families from the beginning.

"Our initial goal is to get the family to the burn center and to get them housed."

Aluminum cans are the primary funding source for the charity to help burn survivors like Jason and Katlyn. You can help get results by dropping your cans in a trailer at your local fire station.

"The initial injury draws the attention, but our major concentration is the aftercare. We offer youth summer camps for burn survivors, we offer family camps for the entire family, and we offer scholarships so the burn survivors can get back into society."

FOX 46 Charlotte is also helping the Firefighters' Burned Children Fund get results for burn survivors. Starting this Wednesday, the FOX 46 team will start collecting cans for local families.

If you would like to help Jason Easley, there is a GoFundMe page set up CLICK HERE! 

If you would like to help Katlyn Cook, there is a GoFundMe page set up CLICK HERE! 

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