Good Samaritan Deputy Injured in Crash

A Cabarrus County Sheriff’s deputy is speaking out after a good deed landed him in the hospital.

Deputy Mike Elliott was off the job in his personal car heading to visit his mom in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. When he got to West Virginia on Interstate 81, he saw a car broken down in the middle of the road. Elliott said, “As dangerous as the world is today, people are afraid to stop and help."

But Elliott knew he had to pull over. It turns out two older women were inside. As Elliott was getting them help, officials in West Virginia say another driver ran off the road hitting Deputy Elliott. He said, “Before I knew it, the vehicle was on top of me.”

The deputy went on to say, “I remember flying through the air, landing, and then trying to get up.”

Deputy Elliott has a broken vertebrae, broken ribs and stitches and staples in his head, but he says he doesn't regret stopping to help the two women. He said, “I believe that hadn’t I stopped, they might have gotten hit, so I’d rather me get hit than them.”

He hopes to return to the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office sometime around late January. He will have to undergo physical therapy as part of his recovery.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in West Virginia continues to investigate the crash.