Good Samaritan returns lost wallet with over $200 in cash back to rightful owner

Bakery owner Mariya Merritt is whipping up a batch of gingerbread cookies as she remembers how the Grinch almost stole her Christmas when she lost her wallet right before Thanksgiving.

"I called target relentlessly asking had anybody seen it. Nothing! And i just kept my cards open for the next few days to see if there is any activity," Sweet Life Bakeshoppe Owner Mariya Merritt said.

Merritt turned her house, car and business upside down!

"No ID, no cards, no cash, nothing! I felt like I was nobody," Merritt said

She clung to a morsel of hope but was served a generous helping of reality when days went by and still no wallet.

"A very thick wallet and then once we opened it up it was full of cash," Lorena Rodrigues said.

Lorena Rodrigues is the Good Samaritan who stumbled upon Merritt’s missing wallet at target.

"I could've used the money to buy Christmas gift for my kids or pay off some bills but I want to leave more than that for my kids. It's our values to do what's right. So I told them, look guys we found this money but we are going to give it back to the person it belongs to because that's the right thing to do," Rodrigues said.

Rodrigues took to Facebook but couldn't find the wallet's owner anywhere. Merritt's Christmas angel wasn't about to give up, Rodrigues discovered a credit card with Merritt's husband’s name on it and was able to track him down. As luck would have it, those sent messages were hidden and Merritt's husband didn't see them until 12 days later.

"I messaged him a bunch of times. Look I have your wallet are you going to come get it or what?" Rodrigues said.

Then on December 1st, Merritt's Christmas wish was answered and she was finally reunited with her wallet. Now she’s savoring this incredible act of kindness.

"She did something wonderful for me that people need to know that there are still great people out there," said Merritt

Getting results for a stranger, one good turn deserves another, with sweets served up with a healthy helping of gratitude.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting my wallet back! You've seriously restored my faith in humanity because I’ve had a rough year!" Merritt said.

"Whatever happens, always do the right thing because good things will come to back to you for sure," Rodrigues said.