Good Samaritan robbed of $600 by couple who asked to borrow phone

Gastonia police are looking for a couple who stole from a man on an app after they asked to borrow his cell phone. The incident happened June 2 at the Circle K store on Franklin Blvd.

The Good Samaritan who was trying to do a nice thing is now out $600.

“It just shocked me because I use apps like that all the time and it makes you think,” said Angela Sullivan. “I won’t give anyone my phone again!”

Police released surveillance photos of a woman wearing a white shirt and a man wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball hat. They got away in a 2000 model Ford Taurus.


“All this guy was doing was trying to help people out and you get taken advantage of in this town at least,” said Jacob Sullivan.

Fox46 Charlotte has done several investigations on phone scams like this one wear people transfer money to themselves on Venmo and Cash App throughout the area including Uptown and South End.

“Who would think you could do something like that in such a short amount of time?”

After hearing what happened Gastonia neighbors say they will think twice before letting a stranger borrow their phone.

“It’s sad that the world has come to that,” said Sullivan.

Anyone with information to identify the suspects is asked to call Detective B.H. Carr at 704-842-5127.