Good Samaritans find boy who wandered off to get "lunchables," deputies say

Missing Fort Mill child found safely, photo via Patricia McCarthy 

A little boy is now safe thanks to two good Samartians who spotted him wandering down the side walk alone Wednesday morning in Regent Park near Rt. 21. 

According to the York County Sheriff's Office, the child figured out how to open a child-lock door knob cover and get out of the house because he “wanted lunchables” over the pizza his babysitter was making for lunch.

The little boy was reportedly trying to get to Food Lion to get the lunch he craved.  

The babysitter called 911 once she realized the boy was missing, and by that time York County deputies were already with the child who hadn't been missing that long, they said. 

No charges will be filed, according to the sheriff's office.