Gov. Cooper signs new bill allowing dogs in breweries, taprooms

Dog owners really have something to bark about. For the last two years the Health Department banned dogs inside breweries and taprooms, but now, they are allowed back in.

Some managers tell FOX 46 it’s good for business, but not everyone is on board. 

Governor Roy Cooper signed the Alcoholic Beverage Control Bill allowing dogs and cats inside breweries and taprooms this week. 

"It’s awesome for us we get a lot of customers especially on the weekends bring their dogs through,” Hoppin’ general manager Kyle Hefkin said.

He says the bill is good for business and his phone line. 

"No more phone calls asking if they can bring their dog in!”

The new law applies to breweries and taprooms that don't make food on site.

"We have dog bowls on tap for them to drink,” Hefkin said. 

The dogs in breweries bill goes into effect September 1. 

Also in the works is another bill that could allow for liquor sales at the grocery store.  

"For people like me who are super busy all the time, it’s really hard to get to the ABC store,” Rowena Henderson said. 

She's excited about the proposed legislation that could allow her to buy a bottle during Sunday grocery shopping. 

"If they could have liquor in the store that would be great,” she said.