Governor McCrory signs bill on new gun permit laws

Governor McCrory signed House Bill 562 into law this week. The bill changes how sheriffs determine if someone should be given a permit.

Most gun shop owners will say they've seen an increase in business and increase in people buying firearms.

Larry at the Hyatt Gun Shop says this is a trend every time there's a mass shooting. "Fear of crime. Fear of terrorism and what's going on in the world," Larry said.

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office agrees. They've noticed a  peak in people seeking gun permits right after mass shootings too.

Now a new law has local sheriff's re-evaluating how they determine if someone should get a permit.

It limits background checks a sheriff can make, because sheriffs are now only allowed to look up five years of a person's history to determine if they have "good moral character."

Some local sheriff's feel this may be limiting. "We would feel more comfortable if there wasn't no time limit on the good moral character issue," Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter said.

Before this law sheriffs could look as far back as they wanted to determine "good moral character."

Carpenter says "good moral character" can mean a lot of different things. "An individual that may be not have charged with a crime but we have been to his home on numerous occasions," Sheriff Carpenter said.

While the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office declined an interview they did say their attorney needs to decipher and dissect all the changes before they can execute the new provisions.

Sheriff Carpenter thinks the new law will not be hard to implement.

All sheriff offices will have one standard application for gun permits. A certificate must be issued by the sheriff's office.

The new law says if a permit request is denied the applicant can appeal that decision to the superior court, instead of district court as previously required.