Governor McCrory signs bill to put Billy Graham statue in U.S. Capitol

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Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill making the placement of a Billy Graham statue in the U.S. Capitol official.

Each state is only allowed to place two statues in the Capitol. Graham's statue will replace former Governor Charles Aycock's statue. The statue will be installed posthumously.

Billy Graham's son Franklin along with several other members of the family attended the event to help make the announcement. 

"I think for future generations, it's not only an honor for the families, but I think it's kind of a tint-peg that you put in the ground, so other generations can see and understand what Billy Graham believed and what he preached," Franklin Graham said.

"Someone who understands that the attention should not be on himself, despite the pulpit that he's had across the world for so many decades. But the focus should be on God. Billy Graham never lost that focus. And he's a role model for so many of us, including that governor," Governor Pat McCrory said.

This will not be the first statue of the Christian Evangelist. A bronze 9 foot Graham holding a bible stands in Nashville, Tennessee.