Governor Roy Cooper addresses fraud allegations in NC-09 race

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper addressed the investigation into the District 9 congressional race on Tuesday. 

A new bill is now in the works that could allow a new election between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready.

The governor said at first glance house bill 10-29 is good, but after closer look, the bill could provide more protections for politicians and make investigations into campaign finances harder.

"I support a strong elections board with investigators that get to the root of corruption,” Gov. Cooper said. 

The governor says he is disturbed as Republican Mark Harris is accused of election fraud in the congressional race. 

LINK: Affidavits: Possible illegal handling of ballots in NC District 9 race

"And that the elections board have the authority to call for a new election." 

While some are calling for an entirely new vote, state leaders are working on house bill 10-29, which could support a re-do, but the governor isn't completely on board.

"This bill was a rush job that at first glance is an improvement," Gov. Cooper said.  

The bill could provide what Cooper called a “shield” to politicians and others who violate campaign finance laws, making it harder for investigators to do their job. 

"All of these new provisions operate to obscure the truth rather than shine a light on it,” Cooper said.

It's already passed in the House and Senate, but the governor is threatening to veto the bill. 

"Pass this same bill without part four and I’ll sign it. Then legislators and staff can all go home for Christmas." 

FOX 46 asked the governor about a timeline on a resolution. He said: "We are going to work as hard as we can."