Grandmother happy playground for special needs and those with disability comes to area

It's a trip to the playground Carson Mynatt is all for.

"I like it," said Mynatt.

The Indian Trail playground a first of its kind in the area. An all inclusive playground built for people like Carson with special needs or disabilities.

"I think it''s about time they had something in this area. This is the only one around for children that have a handicap or disability so I think it's great," said his grandmother, Carolyn Moore. 

10-year-old Carson was born were cerebral palsy. He had surgery to his legs and hips back in February to realign them with his body. 

The brand new playground allows him to enjoy the day with his grandparents and two brothers. 

"I like that's it's handicap accessible and that it's fun. There's a lot of stuff to play with," Mynatt said. 

The more than 6,000 square foot playground includes ramps, play panels and rubber surface which provides easy mobility for those in wheelchairs like Carson. 

With the park up and running, Carson's grandmother is thankful for a place that allows Carson to enjoy himself like any other child. 

"Actually, it's a blessing to be honest with you. It's a blessing," Moore said.