Grandson of Billy Graham reflects on George H.W. Bush's time in Charlotte

"He was a great friend of my grandfather," said Roy Graham, grandson to the late Rev. Billy Graham. 

Graham reminisced about more than just a former President, but a friend to the family. 

"My grandfather spent a lot of bit of time with him in the White House, even as Vice President, just praying with them being a spiritual counselor," Graham said. 

Pictures in the Billy Graham Library showcase some of the relationship George H.W. Bush had with the family. 

"They spent time together on doing work related things, and they also spent time together doing pleasure things. They vacationed together and go to Maine and ride the boat around," he said. 

One of Roy's fondest memories was when H.W. Bush was in Charlotte back in 2007 for the ceremony of the Billy Graham Library dedication.

He adds the former President's legacy will be felt for decades to come in the area.