Grant approved for CMPD to test nearly 900 untested rape kits

Charlotte City Council voted to approve a grant from the New York County District Attorney’s Office in the amount of $557,974 to test 885 unprocessed sexual assault kits, according to the City of Charlotte.

CMPD was chosen to receive this funding through the Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Elimination Grant Program, a $35 million grant program awarding funds to jurisdictions and states to eliminate sexual assault kit backlogs.

With the grant, all 885 kits will be fully processed and entered into national forensic databases, which may potentially produce a matching suspect.

The department tells us they use the money they already have to do as much testing as possible and cases such as those involving a sexual assault by a stranger take top priority.

An investigator says the majority of the untested rape kits are for cases where the victim decided not to prosecute, it turned out there was no crime, or there was a known offender, such as a domestic violence case. But the grant requires testing all the department's kits because they may help solve an open case in another jurisdiction.