Great Elizabeth Pumpkin Wall tradition continues

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Hundreds gathered in the Elizabeth Community Thursday evening to help deck the neighborhood's great pumpkin wall.

With a little help from a saw and a pull of the top, local little ones were on their way to putting their creativity into action.

"You can do different things," said 5-year-old Sloan Tuite.

Sloan decided, with the help of her grandma, to carve the word “Boo” into the side of her pumpkin.

When she was done, longtime Elizabeth resident Hardin Minor helped Sloan strategically placed her pumpkin on the wall, which just happened to be erected this year in his front yard.

"Different neighbors volunteer and this year our number came up,” said Minor.

The 16-foot plywood wall is a tradition that started in 2004 with more than just Halloween in mind.

"We started off with some political leanings and that made the AP wires and all that,” Minor said. “And we've tended to go a little more a-political."

Instead of candidates’ names, the wall will now shine bright with words inspiring change.

“I wanted to do E-V-O-L-V-E…evolve,” said Minor.

It's a word that keep's this tradition's original idea alive, while also encouraging community and common ground among people of all shapes and size.

The wall, located at 721 Clement Avenue in Elizabeth, will be lit up for the first time Friday. It will remain erect through the holiday weekend.

We are told the Elizabeth Community Association purchased about 100 pumpkins for the carving party.  All 100 will be displayed on the wall.