Greensboro PD arrests woman who abducted 3-year-old girl

Greensboro Police have arrested the woman wanted for abducting a three-year-old from a playground.

The suspect had been identified as 22-year-old N'denezsia Lancaster. She had pending charges of first-degree kidnapping after police say she snatched Ahlora Lindiment from the park.

The little girl's family says the last 48 hours have been a whirlwind for them: Ahlora was found Thursday night in front of a church by a woman. She called into the tip line and police immediately went to the scene. They were able to confirm that it was indeed Ahlora.


After that, Ahlora was reunited with her family. Her stepmom, Shaye Wallace, even posted a video on her Facebook, thanking everyone who searched, called in with tips and prayed for them.

"So we want to thank everybody. We've got to thank everybody. We want to thank everybody for helping us look for her. We want to thank everybody for the prayers...for the thoughts, for the checking in on me," Wallace said.

In the video, Ahlora says that she just wants to go home. 

Wallace says Ahlora is happy and it's like she doesn't even know she was taken.

Witnesses said Lancaster was on the playground acting strangely before Ahlora was abducted and one little boy says she was asking kids if they wanted to go see butterflies near the woods.