Grinch steals McAdenville business Christmas decoration, but not their spirit

A town known for where the Christmas lights shine the brightest, for one McAdenville business, it will be a little bit darker this season after a Grinch stole their Christmas cheer.

"It was disturbing it hurt especially since it's Christmas own USA," Dr. Travis Nixon said.

Christmastown Dentistry Dr. Travis Nixon tells FOX 46 Charlotte the thieves stole over a $1,000 worth of decorations.

"We certainly like to put on a show each year and it's not to recognize us. It's to add that extra Christmas spirit to each and every person who drives through and walks by," Dr. Nixon said.

That spirit now less bright after a laser light show and specially made to order lighted garland disappeared

"The staff painstakingly put that all up with 30 to 40 zip ties. So whoever took that off, had to painstakingly cut every single zip tie to remove it," Dr. Nixon said.

Other decorations like their reindeer and a nativity scene were left behind.

"One of the things that I was truly fortunate and blessed to see was that they did not take the nativity scene, which is very important to us because that is the true meaning of Christmas," Dr. Nixon said.

The nativity scene was made with love by one of their patient, who has since passed away.

"Like the story of the real Grinch, his heart was 2 sizes too small but then later on his heart grew and Christmas came back. I would love nothing better for them, maybe even to return the lights to us,"

For now, they'll wait for the police to investigate and see if the decorations turn up. In the meantime, the staff will find something else to put in the spot where the decorations used to be.

"We are going to be having a sign that says the Grinch stole our Christmas but not our Christmas spirit," Dr. Nixon said.