Gun in student's truck prompts lockdown at Indian Trail HS; student now in custody

For the second day in a row, authorities say a student brought a gun on a school campus in Union County.

Thankfully the situation ended with no one getting hurt, but deputies say the student sped off from the car rider line here at the school as soon as the principal asked him about the gun in his backseat.

"I’m literally scared out of my mind!"

That was the text message a high school freshman sent to her dad when Sun Valley High School went on lockdown Wednesday morning because the principal spotted the gun on campus. 

“They came on the loudspeaker and said ‘code red, get in the closest classroom. This is not a drill.’” 

Danny Boone is the parent who got that text message from his panicked daughter. He rushed to the high school but couldn't get in because of the lockdown. 

“It's sad that our children have to be in fear to go to school,” he said.

Sun Valley High School had announced the lockdown via Twitter around 8:30 a.m. and said it was due to 'activity in the neighborhood.' 

"Subject wanted in connection with firearm at SVHS earlier this morning is now in police custody. Firearm has been secured," the Union County Sheriff's Office tweeted. 

Union County deputies say an 18-year-old student was in the car rider line when the principal spotted a long gun in the backseat of his pick-up truck.

Deputies followed the suspect after he sped off following the principal’s questioning, searching for him for more than an hour. They finally pulled him over and took him into custody near the Union and Mecklenburg county line. 

Rocky River High School, almost twenty miles away, was also placed on lockdown because Mint Hill police say the suspect's phone was pinging from the interstate near the school. 

“You just get more and more nervous as a parent of a student that attends the schools you're scared every time your child leaves, unfortunately it's like ‘is this the last time I’m going to see my student?’”

Deputies say they do not know what the suspect's intentions were or why he had the gun on campus. 

Formal charges have not yet been filed, but deputies say that the teen is facing a felony charge and he will be charged as an adult.

Email sent out to parents Wednesday morning from Union County Public Schools:

"Good morning Sun Valley High School parents,

This is Dr. Harvey calling with an update on the situation that happened this morning. A student drove onto our campus and an administrator noticed that there was a gun in the car. We immediately ordered a lockdown to keep our campus safe. The student immediately left campus and the Union County Sherriff’s Office was notified and deputies launched a search.

The student involved never threatened anyone on campus. All students and staff remained safe during this incident.

At this time, deputies and law enforcement agencies are still searching for the student and there is an active investigation into this matter. There is no threat to our school or to our community, and students are safe in class. The Union County Sheriff’s Office has been here working with our administrative team all morning and we appreciate their support.

Safety is always our number one priority. I want to thank you for your cooperation and patience as we worked through this incident.

We will continue on a normal schedule today and will have a normal dismissal."