Guns drawn, police surround breaking and entering suspect in north Charlotte neighborhood

A man accused of breaking into several homes in a north Charlotte neighborhood and stealing items is behind bars. 

Ring video shows the tense moment police catch a Grinch in the act. Police tell FOX 46 officers surrounded a suspect who was breaking into north Charlotte homes.

In the Ring video showing someone’s backyard, you can hear an officer yell “let me see your hands!” to the suspect.

The officers were there for 21-year-old Kelvin McManus who, a neighbor says, was breaking into homes on Bryn Athym Court. 

“The only thing I heard was my dog barking in a really weird way,” said Jordan Yagoda.

Yagoda was working from home. Unbeknownst to him, his doorbell camera malfunctioned, but his dog, Watson, was well aware that whoever was at the door wasn’t a friend.

“So I came back inside and I went outside a couple minutes later to look again,” Yagoda said, “and he was in the next house's over backyard.”

He continued, “and he had a black garbage bag full of stuff, and I said, ‘this doesn't feel right,’ so I just called police.”

Like a Grinch, Yagoda says the man was going home to home, taking peoples’ things.

His camera didn’t pick up the suspect, but did catch cops canvassing the area.

So did another neighbor’s ring camera.

“They actually caught him in my backyard here,” Yagoda said. “He had hopped the fence when the police found him and was hiding right there,” he said as he pointed.

The suspect broke into the back window of at least one neighbor’s house. While he didn’t want to do an interview, that homeowner did tell FOX 46 he was glad he got his stuff back, and thankful his neighbor called 911.

Far from an attack dog, Watson likely saved Yagoda from a frightening encounter in his own home. When the doorbell camera (which even picked up a pesky reporter knocking on his door) happened to fail, Watson didn’t skip a beat.

“He's such a good boy,” Yagoda said to his dog.

McManus has been arrested five times this year; six times overall. This time, he faces breaking and entering, larceny and a few other charges.