'Hallelujah': SC man in hospice granted final wish of getting baptized

Photo: Spartanburg Regional

A South Carolina man, who is an at-home hospice patient, said he knew that he was missing something in his life and asked staff with Spartanburg Regional to help grant one of his last wishes. 

Jenis Grindstaff wished to be baptized before his battle with cancer is over. 

Earlier this month, on Dec. 11, Chaplain Terrell Jones helped Grindstaff submerge in holy water.

"My beloved son, Jenis James Grindstaff, I now at this time baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Ghost, and in Jesus’ name," she said. 

The chaplain’s hand slid behind the man’s back. Grindstaff breathed out loudly and leaned forward.

A second hospice chaplain, Katie Harbin, filled a square pink bucket with water from the tub and poured it over Grindstaff's head.

"In the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Ghost, and in Jesus’ name," Jones said. "Amen. Come on and let’s celebrate, family. Hallelujah."

Grindstaff wiped the water from his face. "That felt good."

The surrounding family members clapped for Grindstaff, and his sons took turns talking softly to their father.

Grindstaff was then transferred back to a stretcher and then an ambulance that carried him home. 

"It’s sacred to us," Harbin said. "It’s sacred to him."

A number of Spartanburg Regional Hospice, transportation and facilities professionals worked together to make Grindstaff's wish come true. For more on Grindstaff's story, please click here.