Halloween decorations stolen, then returned with note and $20

A homeowner in the Hunters Gate community of south Charlotte says they feel violated after two people snatched Halloween decorations right off their front porch late last week. The incident was captured on camera.

In the video a woman is seen carrying a skeleton in her arms back to a waiting car. She’s also joined by a man who takes a smaller decoration sitting on the front porch. What’s more troubling for the people who live in the home is that the man peaked inside their lantern, like he was looking for something.

“Looking in the lantern made me think they are looking for a key, which is really violating,” said Tresa Grossman.

Grossman says the incident happened Thursday night, but she didn’t notice her decorations were missing until over the weekend. Once she noticed something was gone she checked her Ring video system.

“At first it made me ill. I couldn’t even finish watching the whole video. Someone had actually come to our home, our safe place, and taken things,” said Grossman.

As quickly as the decorations vanished from the home, they reappeared.

Monday morning the skeleton, along with a note, was left in front of the garage.

The note read: “We are so very sorry for our stupid actions. It was a prank that had gone too far. Anyway here are your things and $20.”

“I was surprised to get them back and very appreciative to receive them back,” said Grossman.

The Halloween frills were only returned after video of the incident was shared hundreds of times on social media. The Ring video system was just installed at the home about a month ago.

“I love it. I am so glad we have it. And truly, never thought I would need it,” said Grossman.

A report was filed with CMPD, but the homeowners say now that the decorations have been returned, complete with an apology, they don’t plan on pressing any charges.

The man seen in the video even stopped by the home late Monday afternoon to offer an apology in person.