Hardee's reaches settlement over Hepatitis A outbreak

Hardee's has reached a settlement in the class action lawsuit filed against them over a Hepatitis A outbreak that occurred last summer. 

Qualified members in the settlement would recieve a share of $246,000 from a 'general damages fund' if they submitted a claim. Right now, the number of accepted claims is at 909. If that number stays the same, each person would receive about $270.

In addition to their share of the nearly $250,000, the named plaintiffs will each receive $1,000 in compensation. 

LINK: Hepatitis A confirmed in Hardee's employee; public health officials encourage vaccinations

This lawsuit claims breach of warranties and negligence on Hardee's part, and aims to compensate customers for physical injury and loss of money.

Eligible claimants are those who ate at the restaurant between June 13 and June 23, 2018, and had blood tests done or were vaccinated before July 7. 

The deadline was Feb. 28 and the final approval hearing in the settlement will be held on April 1.