Hawthorne Bridge slated to open August 2020

The Hawthorne Bridge construction project that's dragged on for years is expected to be done by August 2020. But after years of construction, neighbors are left asking: What's the hold up? 

"Everything in that direction is an inconvenience to us," a neighbor told FOX 46 two years ago. 

Fast forward, and the Hawthorne Drive area is still struggling with some of those same construction issues.

"It's felt like 10 years," another neighbor said. 

The project had an original completion date of March 2019. Now, it's expected to be complete at the latest in August of 2020 with an opening date even later than that.

CATS officials say part of the delay was because of a grinder issue with the bridge and adjusting the testing schedule. 

"People are frustrated. They are tired of the construction."

LINK: Neighbors frustrated as Hawthorne Bridge construction continues

Aside from the bridge work, what has added to frustration has been the temporary shutdown of 7th and Hawthorne. 

A FOX 46 viewer also sent in a photo showing construction crews making an error. When asked, CATS confirmed the mistake by email saying:

"The issue came on the Gold Line project and that while installing the rail through the intersection the contractor found a small portion of track out of spec." 

They continued by saying the error was not insignificant, but it was able to be fixed quickly and hasn't set the project back at all. That area is still supposed to be open by Monday. 

One viewer did tell FOX 46 that while the construction is an inconvenience, she believes it will improve traffic flow in the area overall, and that CATS has been working with neighbors to deal with some of the issues caused by the project.

While relief is on the way when this intersection re-opens, drivers still need to buckle up for a lot more construction ahead.

"It's been hard on this neighborhood and at some extent we have gotten used to it. We are just trying to support each other," the neighbor said. 

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect the fact that there are no additional delays to the Hawthorne Bridge construction project, and that the error made on the Gold Line project did not impact the time frame previously provided (August 2020) for the project's completion.