"He had no remorse." Car crashes into Mt Holly home, barely missing 2 children

A Mount Holly mother is beyond frustrated after she says a man plowed through their neighbor's yard and slammed his vehicle into their home just inches away from her child.

The driver was arrested but is now out on bond. 

"We were woken up to what sounded like an explosion inside and the whole house just shifting, moving," Autumn Hamilton said. 

Hamilton said she didn't know what hit her house. 

"It was like an earthquake. TVs were thrown off TV stands, pictures were thrown off the wall," she said. 

Hamilton's 14-year-old daughter was asleep, her head just inches from where the driver crashed his car into the home on West Nims Avenue in Mount Holly on Sunday. 

"Thank God the brick was in front of the house or he could have killed her," Hamilton said. 

The window in Hamilton's son's room was shattered all over the bed when the car hit the house. 

 "The back of the car, the back wheel ended up going under a little ways," Hamilton explained. 

Hamilton tells FOX 46 Charlotte the driver was drunk and was led away in handcuffs, but she says he posted bond and is already out of jail. 

"It was shocking to me that he had no remorse, no care, we told him that's our children's bedrooms right there and he didn't have no remorse, no guilt," Hamilton said. 

Hamilton's children are now terrified. She says they won't go back into their bedrooms. 

"They're obviously traumatized but they're OK. Time will heal," Hamilton said. 

The Hamilton's home is also damaged on the inside. Autumn Hamilton tells FOX 46 Charlotte the walls are cracked and in every room the ceiling is separated from the wall. FOX 46 contacted Mount Holly Police to get the name of the suspect, but they were unable to give us that information on Tuesday, a holiday.