Health Dept. putting new procedures in place after two major mishaps

After two major mishaps the Mecklenburg County Health Department is putting new procedures in place.

FOX 46 Charlotte was there when leaders detailed their solutions to earn back the public’s trust.

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The county manager introduced a new comprehensive pap smear protocol which includes:

·       Patients being notified of any result

·       Patients with abnormal results receiving both phone and mail notifications

·       Those same patients immediately giving info for follow up

As far as the public records and email policy, which saw more than 1,000 people’s medical records released, there will now be three levels of legal review for public records including a final review by a third attorney.

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There will also be an email policy that will eliminate the need for patients to share information through the county’s email system.  

These are all just short-term solutions as a full review of the County Health Department is under investigation.