Hearst Tower Turns Blue For Carolina Panthers

It’s almost like the city of Charlotte is painting the town blue in honor of the Panthers making it to the Playoffs. And as part of the city wide plan to show support, the Hearst Tower is joining in on the action.

The tower and their contracted crew, Joffie, spent Wednesday rappelling 48 stories above ground, covering the now white lights, with blue film, to create a blue crown on the top of the building.

It's not an easy task. The crew members soent much of the day on the task,  covering each light with the panther blue film. The Hearst Tower has changed the lights before, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, but never changed the lights to Panther blue, so this is a first.

This is the only time a television crew is witnessing the transformation from a bird’s eye view. The new lights will add to the skyline and neighboring buildings who are supporting the Panthers in similar ways. Many say it has become a town of blue as the Panthers take their team to the highest level.