Heartbroken community mourns loss of store clerk killed in attempted robbery

Police are searching for the gunman that shot and killed a gas station clerk Monday in West Charlotte. Customers organized a vigil to honor the man they say served the community for almost twenty years.

Sadness turned to anger outside the Shell gas station on Freedom Drive, as the broken family pleads the gunman turn himself in to police.

“I saw the flowers and the store closed,” said Ana Clyburn. “I knew it was something serious I knew someone was dead.”

CMPD released video showing the gunman trying to rob the store and the masked man pointing a gun at the clerk, shooting and killing Ismel Doumbia behind the counter. A total of $15,000 is now offered for information leading to an arrest.


“He had the biggest heart,” said Nikia Warren. She tells FOX 46 Charlotte Doumbia paid for her gas and snacks for her kids out of his own pocket when she could not. “You don’t come across people like that every day.”

Attendees passed a card along the prayer circle, signed a soccer ball for his son, and covered his car with flowers, grateful for Doumbia’s service to the west Charlotte community, but devastation turned to anger as customers demand an end to gun violence.

“He just killed our heart we don’t know what to say right now,” said Bintou Kamissou, a family friend.

Kamissou says the gunman took a father from his thirteen-year-old son. Doumbia’s wife was at the vigil but too heartbroken to speak. Now they pray and plead the gunman turn himself in.

“It can never change what happened that cannot bring him back, but it would give us some peace and he could rest in peace too.”