Heartbroken mother faces daughter’s accused killer in court

A heartbroken mother faced the man accused of killing her daughter in court on Thursday. 

The suspect, 19-year-old Mario Ramirez Duarte went before a judge after he was charged with shooting a woman and leaving her for dead outside of a south Charlotte apartment. 

This wasn’t his first time in court, but this time, it was for murder. 

“I just can’t look that far ahead and believe that I will live the rest of my life without her," Kamil Flores said. 

Her daughter, Shandiin Sanchez was found dead in the road inside the Riverbirch Apartment Complex around 4:45 a.m. on Oct. 27.  

20-year-old Shandiin Sanchez was gunned down in front of a south Charlotte apartment complex. 

Duarte is someone their family had known since he was a young child. Flores says that’s just one piece to the puzzle that's made coping with her daughter’s death even harder. 

“I knew that he was not going to turn himself in because he's a coward. But I had confidence that the police department would find him and I know my daughter is working from the other side to help,” Flores said. 

Duarte had just been released from jail less than two months earlier and was supposed to be on an ankle monitor.

Both Duarte and Sanchez lived in the complex and Flores says if Duarte had been under tougher restrictions, her daughter would still be here.

Now she says its important everyone who had a hand in her daughter’s death be brought to justice. 

“I hope my presence will make him be 100 percent honest about who else had a hand in my daughter’s murder," Flores said. 

Shandiin was the 91st person to be killed because of gun violence in the Queen City and Flores says her daughter dying at the hands of someone she knew doesn’t come as a surprise.

"Children are being murdered by their so called friends. There’s a lot of betrayal deceit and deceptions a lot of these young people are preying on their own to commit crimes against them.”