Heartbroken mother still searching for answers more than a year after son’s murder

A heartbroken mother is still searching for answers after her son was gunned down and his killer remains on the loose. 

"On my bad days I just watch his videos. I love to listen to him rap, that's all I have left is pictures and videos," Cleophas Warren-Horne told FOX 46. 

It's been 18 months since the last time she saw her son alive. 21-year-old Brian Smith was shot and killed in August of 2018 in Albemarle. So far no arrest has been made in the case.

"How long does it really take?"

Tuesday was the first time Cleophas sat down to tell her story exclusively to FOX 46 Charlotte. She explained that with every moment that passes, she continues to long for answers. 

"I want peace of mind. We have a killer running around out here. I have to be scared for my kids out in the street and we have two killers that think they're getting away with something."

Cleophas believes her son was lured out to Albemarle to be robbed and killed. He was her oldest child, and she says she's not stopping until she gets justice.

"They don't know how much hurt they have caused me and my family. They took away a good man; he was out here trying to do better for himself."

Cleophas calls once a week to the Albemarle Police Department praying they've made a break in the case.

"I want to believe and trust that they're doing the best job they can do, and if they're not they need to do better. It's not my job to be a detective,"

The hardest part for this grieving mother is trying to continue her life despite the pain.

"I can't teach my kids how to heal from this when I’m not healing my own self. I don't think the answers will help me heal, but it will help get them off the street."