HEARTWARMING PHOTO: Teen Grocery Store Employee Walks Elderly Man Home

UNITED KINGDOM--A teen in the United Kingdom has become an internet sensation after a picture of him helping a 96-year-old man went viral.

According to The Bolton News, Christian Trouesdale, 18, works as a store assistant at an Aldi in Horwich. Christian volunteered to walk the man home to give him a hand with his groceries. Samantha-Jayne Brady, who works at a bar in area, spotted Christian and the man on their walk. She asked the two if she capture the moment and they agreed. Samantha-Jayne quickly put the photo on Facebook and the act of kindness quickly went viral—warming the hearts of many around the world. The store is also receiving praise for allowing Christian to leave to walk the man home.

So far, the Facebook post has been liked over 260,000 times and shared over 71,000 times. 

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