Heating company wants to "make it right" after carbon monoxide mistake

Fox 46 is helping out a Chester County, SC family after they say a heating company's mistake could have been deadly.

A day after the Moore family turned to Fox 46 for help, we're getting them results.

"We'd like to say thanks Fox 46," said AJ Johnson. "I think the result was [a] much better result because you all were involved."

The family blamed Brothers Air Heat and Plumbing in Rock Hill, SC, for installing a natural gas furnace when they use propane. The mix-up resulted in deadly carbon monoxide seeping into the home where Janie Moore, 84, was getting ready for bed.

"I guess I'd be gone," said Moore, when asked what she would have done if a CO detector had not alerted her to the odorless, colorless danger.

 "My mother could have been dead," said her daughter, Rita Moore-Johnson.

The family says Brothers technicians came to look at the problem three times over the weekend. Each time, they say, technicians failed to realize the wrong unit was installed and gave an all-clear to go back inside the house only to have the CO alarm sound.

A Brothers representative admitted that they "obviously...made a mistake" and were "going to make it right."

Hours after our story ran, Brothers technicians were back at the rural home to keep that promise. The company waived the $4,000 installation fee and fixed te heating system Tuesday.

"We're taking care of your matter," a Brothers technician said. "We're going to make sure everything's right for you. And if you have any other problems just give us a call and we'll make sure we take care of everything for you."

AJ Moore, who said that his mother in-law's life was spared "just by the race of God," is glad the company is trying to fix what he says could have been a costly mistake.

"We appreciate the effort at this point," he said. "That they are trying to make it right."

Fox 46 received a statement late Tuesday from Brothers general manager Daren Coleman offering his "sincerest apologies" and saying "the safety and well-being of our customers is of the utmost importance."

"The work performed," said Coleman, is "not indicative of who we are as a company."

Statement from Brothers Air Heat and Plumbing:

On behalf of the entire Brothers team, we want to extend our sincerest apologies to Ms. Moore and her family. There is no question that the safety and well-being of our customers is of the utmost importance. We take this matter very seriously, and have the highest standards for work performed at a customer's home. The work performed at Ms. Moore's residence is not indicative of who we are as a company, and does not reflect our history of providing quality services in the community for over 30 years. We are working diligently to rectify this issue, and we are committed to providing Ms. Moore with peace of mind and reassurance that she is safe in her home. We can only hope that over time, we are able to earn and rebuild Ms. Moore's trust in our people, products, and services.