Heavy rain and wind leaves behind damage in the Carolinas

The power is back on in Concord after heavy rain and wind from passing storms damaged multiple buildings in the area, including the Old Armory building used by Core Athletics. 

"We got a call from police a tree went through my office," Attorney Mark Shelley said. 

Shelley said he came to see the damage to his officer for himself. 

"I said that's my roof and I asked the fellows here and they said no it's from the Old Armory. I was relieved, but sorry about the armory," he said. 

The Old Armory is now ued by Core Athletics for training young baseball and softball players. Sunday evening strong storms pushed through Concord ripping part of the building's roof off. 

"Apparently, it was a very strong wind. It blew that whole roof deck off that building," Shelley said. 

Utility crews worked into the evening to restore power to those along Church Street. As for Shelley, he'll be back in the office but does have a little clean up of his own to do. 

"It doesn't seem to be too serious, it will be a little while before the porch is fixed but nothing too major I hope," he said. 

Thankfully, no one was hurt. The storm also caused isolated flash flooding.