Help 'clear the list' for local teachers ahead of school year

FOX 46 is working to get results for local teachers before school starts and you can help.

It’s that time of the year where teachers dig into their own pockets to get their classrooms ready. Kindergarten teacher Angelica Alston doesn’t mind but it definitely adds up.

“You notice you spend the money but you know you’re putting it into the classroom to make it better and more comfortable,” explained Alston who works at Governors’ Village Stem Academy.

This summer Alston noticed a trend online with the hashtag #clearthelist. The list refers to the Amazon wish lists many teachers make of the school supplies and other items they would love to have in their classrooms.

“I saw it was really big in Texas and California and I want to get it trending in North Carolina. It’s a really generous way to pay it for to our future,” Alston explained.

Courtney Jones, a teacher in Texas, launched the online push in July to clear the list for teachers and it’s catching on.

“I’ve seen teachers have their lists cleared. Boxes full of stuff and they are just excited. These teachers are overjoyed and elated,” said Alston.

When a brown box from Amazon arrives Alston says it feels like Christmas morning.

“It’s a great surprise. You don’t always know where it comes from and it comes from a person you don’t know. It’s really so generous. You don’t know the impact you’re making for me and these students but it is really great,” said Alston.

At the end of the day, Alston says it takes a load off. She has already received some of the items off of her wish list like Legos, alphabetic magnets for spelling and some books. In return, Alston is also spreading the love and buying items for other teachers off of their lists.

All of the supplies help get kids excited for learning which sets these teachers up for success.

“I want to get it trending in North Carolina. It’s a really generous way to pay it forward for our future,” said Alston.

You can search #clearthelistnc or #clearthelistsc on Twitter to find lists belonging to teachers in the Carolinas, or click here