Here's how CBD products are helping these moms relieve stress

At the Faded rose in Monroe, NC, Cynthia Mclaughlin typically spends her time on her feet. She’s a small business owner and a mother. Stress and anxiety come with both of those roles. So she turns to CBD oil for relief. 

“It’s like having a Tylenol in your pocket,” she says. 

Mclaughlin refuses to treat her ailments with prescription medication. She says she’s seen too many people she knows become addicted to opiates. Side effects are also a concern. 

“You pop a pill and you’re ok with it because your doctor signed this thing and… one of the side effects is suicide?,” she says while shaking her head. “we’re a medicated society. We’re just zombies.”

Mcloughlin believes CBD – short for cannabidoil - is more effective and much more safe: “I mean it’s a plant.”

Her supplier Kim Delaney-Surratt agrees. 

“Mmmhm, just a plant. Just a plant. Yup,” she says. This cancer survivor says chemotherapy left her unable to eat or even get out of bed. 

“So after that i just started digging into cancer and healing and it’s just like cannabis and cbd just kept popping up everywhere, “ Delaney-Surratt says. “I learned that people were reversing their illnesses, that tumors were shrinking, that they were getting appetites back. The nausea was being controlled.” 

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She tried it and to her surprise, she regained her appetite and her energy. So Delaney-Surratt decided to sell CBD infused products. Her customers range from fellow cancer survivors to soccer moms. Teachers. Police officers. Grandparents. 

All tell her the same thing. CBD works for them. 

“Because once it gets into the body, it just… i don’t know it just figures it out. I don’t know a better way to say it.,” she laughs. 

Delaney-Surratt runs My Greenhouse, selling various products: tinctures, lotions, salves, even glamorous bath products.

“The bath bombs are infused with cbd so for those aches and pains, really good for after a cold or a flu,” she says. “gives your body a boost.”

Yes. Bath bombs. They’re just one of the many products that sold out at this year’s Vegfest in Charlotte. Kim’s sales were brisk and her customers were enthusiastic about their results. 

What’s interesting about cbd is that while it’s commonly associated with marijuana, they’re not the same thing. The CBD in Delaney-Surratt’s products is hemp derived. 

“You will not get high. So it will not alter your state. You can still go to the soccer game. Still cook dinner, like if anything, you’ll be folding laundry and suddenly go, oh my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Like it’s that subliminal but effective.”

And while Delaney-Surratt is quick to remind you that she is not a doctor, she says recent scientific breakthroughs show exactly how it works. It starts with certain receptors in the body tailor made to interact with cannabinoids. 

“Those cannabinoids get into our body, kind of talk to these cb1, cb2 receptors, and these receptors kind of say, oh my head hurts, the joint pain is here, so it kind of works with those receptors,” she says, “and that’s how it kind of works the magic of making the pain go away in the body. 

A quick Google search reveals CBD can be used to relieve and even offset symptoms of all kinds of illnesses and ailments. Unfortunately since the fda does not regulate it, you can’t legally make these claims. However, these moms are adamant that cbd works because it works for them. 

Mcloughlin says, “if you have a natural of fixing something, why would you not try it? Why would it not be ok?”