Hickory dive team finds truck stolen more than a decade ago

The Lake Hickory Scuba and Marine dive team had a big find Sunday when they came across a truck submerged 25 feet deep underwater. Hickory Police now say that truck was reported stolen 13 years ago.

North Carolina License plates to the Nissan Titan truck read PWJ-9466. The truck is tan or silver and the keys were left in the ignition.

“We are treasure hunters,” said diver Bryan Stafford. “From my training and experience I would definitely say it was purposely put there.”

Sunday afternoon Bryan and his team got word a car may be at the bottom of the lake. They used sonor radar to detect the hunk of metal. On Go Pro cameras, you can see two divers use flashlights to get inside the car and note the license plate.

Stafford called Hickory Police who say the car was reported stolen in 2006. He says it looks suspicious and believes the truck rolled down a trail across the lake.

“I had a career in law enforcement as well so finding stolen items is nothing new to me but being able to find them when you are just out diving it’s always a surprise and a shock to us.”

Divers are waiting on the green light from the police department to pull it out of the water. They have already pulled two other cars out of the lake this year.