Hickory Mayor releases new documents on Housing Authority allegations

The Mayor of Hickory has released a 174 page document that accuses a Hickory Housing Authority manager of misusing funds and details on sexual harassment cases.

The documents show public records from the housing authority detailing expensive trips taken, purchasing personal gifts and accusing the executive director of throwing lavish parties.

But the most alarming is accusations that a former employee of the housing authority sexually harassed tenants and the office did not act quickly to investigate the matter.

"If it's true that's outrageous," Hickory Mayor, Rudy Wright said.

The executive director, Alanda Richardson declined to talk to Fox 46 on camera, along with her office. The mayor is now pushing for more transparency in the city to get to the bottom of this.

While some residents say they're not surprised by the allegations, others defend her character and work ethic.

The mayor says sometimes personal interest can be blinding in a leadership role.

The mayor says the Hickory Housing Authority will have a meeting next Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at a public housing venue. The meeting could go into a closed session.