High flying stunt prepared to impress race day fans

Before the cars hit the track for the Bank of America 500, fans will experience another thrill watching another ridiculous stunt from the Wallenda family. Many know Nik from his risky tight-rope walks, but on October 10th, his wife will be the center of attention.

“This is a unique event, because for the last four-to-five years, all of the big events have been about Nik Wallenda,” Nik said. “Selfish on my part.”

Before the race, Nik’s wife Erendira will perform an acrobatic routine inside a hoop hanging from a helicopter flying 150 feet above the speedway.

“I’m going to be doing a lot of different stunts,” Erendira said. “It takes a lot of upper-body strength, and the longer that you’re up there, the more strength that you’re using, but the toe-hang is the last thing I’m going to be doing and that’s definitely going to be the hardest.”

‘Toe-hang’ is exactly what it sounds like. Erendira will end her performance by hanging from the hoop using only her toes.

She comes from eight generations of acrobats, and Erendira has performed since she was five years old. She said she’s wanted to pull a stunt like this for a long time.

“As a girl, I wasn’t much different from my husband,” Erendira said. “Where he was always looking about to see where he could hang a wire, I was always looking to see where I could hang my trapeze!”