High Tea offers taste of London in south Charlotte

FOX 46 is gearing up for the Panthers game live from London but the reality is you don’t have to fly across the pond to feel like royalty.

Take a seat and have a sip. The Ballantyne Hotel rolls out the red carpet for afternoon high tea.

“With the correlation of Queen Charlotte we always felt like we wanted to do something with our British heritage and this is served in the royal lounge,” said Christophe Le Chatton, the general manager of The Ballantyne Hotel.

Afternoon tea is a tradition and an opportunity to socialize. Guests are welcomed and invited to dress the part with fascinators and vintage clothing.

“When you have tea you need to plan an hour or an hour and a half,” explained Le Chatton.

Le Chatton says some people like to put their pinky finger up as they sip as it’s a classic move.

The tea is strained and you won’t find tea bags.

“You have a sommelier for wine. You have a mixologist for cocktails. Tea is very similar. It’s an art,” said Le Chatton. The service, etiquette, pace and protocol of afternoon tea dates back centuries.

When it comes to the snacks you typically start with the savory bites and move to the sweet treats. The pastry team will often decorate their creations according to what is going on. During our visit the icing on the sweets was Carolina Panther blue for the upcoming game.

If a plane ticket isn’t in your budget maybe an afternoon of royal tea after the game is.