Highland Creek neighbors fear water bill 'spiking' costing them hundreds

Water woes in the Highland Creek neighborhood of Charlotte has dozens of neighbors crying foul. The neighborhood is unique since it is split between Charlotte and Concord. Some neighbors are supplied water from Charlotte Water, while others get a bill for water from Concord. Neighbors from both sides say they are receiving high water bills without any explanation.

“I haven’t run sprinklers in 2 years because I can’t afford to have nice grass. When I do put my sprinklers on my bill is $500 dollars,” said neighbor, Carey Amey, who receives water from Concord.

Even without sprinklers, Carey Amey owes hundreds of dollars on his water bill for January. He has gone as far as turning off his meter out front to make sure there are no leaks in his house.

When he proved he had no leaks, he marched down to the Concord water office.

“It is what it is. That is their [Concord Water] explanation for it.  I would like someone to come out and make sure I do not have a leak on my street,” said Amey.

Meanwhile, just 5 minutes down the road, that’s just what Amber Morales asked for when her bill approached nearly $500. Her family receives water from Charlotte Water.

“We would call and have them come look at it and say it’s a mistake, I think something is going wrong. So they just come out and check the sprinklers and they say it’s nothing really and we had to pay for that service for them to come out,” said Morales.

In a statement, Charlotte Water told FOX 46:

“Our rate structure is designed to promote conservation which means that the more water you use, the more the units of water cost. Some customers are surprised by the bills after the first time they water their lawns.”

Charlotte Water did ask for the addresses of some of the homeowners we interviewed so officials could take a look at the bills.

In the meantime, a spokesperson for Charlotte Water says anyone who is worried about a high bill can call 311 and request a bill investigation.