Historic South End offers grants to make neighborhood standout

Historic South End has launched a micro-grant program to fund community projects in the neighborhood.

The effort is called “placemaking.” It is meant to inspire people to repurpose public spaces.

Current and past examples include the “Before I Die” wall and the Neighborhood Living Room.

Starting now, Historic South End is accepting applications for anyone interested in making their own mark. Grants up to $1,000 are available.

"Pretty much anything that engages the community and makes them want to get out and explore South End more,” said Tobe Holmes, Historic South End Director.

FOX 46 talked with Varian Shrum at Ciel Gallery Thursday night. Shrum was behind the Neighborhood Living Room display in October of last year. She encourages others to apply for this year's micro-grant program.

"Don't discount your own talents, skills, or creativity. You have great ideas and you really can implement something," said Varian Shrum.

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