Holiday shoppers packed malls Monday

Malls across the country were packed Monday as many people used their extra day off to hit the stores.

The National Retail Federation said close to 40 percent of all clothing bought as a gift, gets returned.

Just getting to the Concord Mills was a traffic challenge and once inside many people said keeping their wallets closed was another hurdle.

“So I work over at PacSun and I came into work earlier today and it was so much more packed than it was before Christmas. So, I just think everyone is just kind of like flustered just trying to get everything they want before the New Year,” said Keandre Frazier.

The second most popular gift this year was gift cards, which caused people already excited about sales to be even more eager to shop.

Veronica Gardner in town from Washington D.C. said, “It is the most wonderful time of the year and after Christmas you get the best sales, it’s almost like going to a Black Friday sale.”

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping not quite over, even the smallest shoppers enjoyed the experience. “It makes me feel good inside and it makes me feel excited too,” said young Abrahan Rivera who was shopping with his family.

Shoppers told FOX46 Charlotte they believed returns and gift cards is what brought people to the mall in droves. Even as online shopping and experience gifts like vacations and spa days become more popular, heading to the mall doesn’t appear to be going out of style anytime soon.

“I actually like coming in the mall when there’s more people because I like the environment and stuff instead of just emptiness,” said Keandre. However, Samuel Cox felt differently. “And then there’s some of us who are still willing to submit ourselves to this madness to go get some good deals on clothes and stuff like that. So, it’s fun,” said Samuel.

The N.R.F. projects that Americans spent 655 billion dollars in November and December, that’s up four percent from 2015, and includes online sales of about 117 billion dollars.