Holiday travelers met with delays at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Christmas is rapidly approaching but travelers have been slowed down at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Several flights have been delayed or canceled Wednesday evening because of rain and fog conditions here and around the country.

"We have an aunt flying in from New Jersey. The flight has been delayed about an hour and a half, two hours because of the weather,” said Michael Leardi of Waxhaw.

Travelers say they’re willing to tolerate the delays, if that means they can spend time with their family during the holidays.

"Family is very important at Christmas time because I believe that's the best time for you all to get together besides Thanksgiving,” said Susan Belton who was picking up a family member.

Airport officials say they are working with their partners to make sure people with delayed or canceled flights can get where they need to go before Christmas. They say this is their second busiest time of year, behind Thanksgiving travel.