Homeowners fix up damage left behind by storm

Monday was the first dry day after a very wet weekend which saw just over three inches of rain in the Greater Charlotte Area.

Many homeowners are fixing up the damage left behind. We spoke with one family who had a close call in the University City area.

What started as a small leak turned into a gaping hole in the ceiling. It happened inside the children's bedroom. The family tells us, they're grateful the two young boys weren't inside when the wet ceiling came crashing down.

Clean up after the storm is what “Afterdisaster” is all about. The company says its crews have been busy these past few days.

"Had a lot of wind and water damages. About 15-20. Mostly from the wind blowing shingles up," said Josh Brewer with “Afterdisaster”.

That's what happened at an apartment in the College Downs complex located across the street from UNCC.

"It was scary because usually the kids hang out in their room. Luckily, that day they were outside. Except for my niece, she was walking in there to get something and by time she came out, the ceiling had fell down," said Brittney White, sister of the family who lives in the apartment.

No one was hurt. But not all damages will be as obvious as a gaping hole in the ceiling. That's why home insurance agents say you should take a close look at your home. Sooner the better.

"Do a parameter check of your home to see if you lost any shingles or siding or any damage, go into your attic and check for any wet spots. You want to be proactive to make sure your home is still sound and solid," said Arthur Cosper, insurance agent with Access Advantage.

The company doing the clean-up and repairs says the jobs it has brought in over the weekend will cost about a half million dollars.

The insurance agents we spoke with say if you have home insurance, any costs for wind damage to your roof should be covered. However, they say if your house flooded and you don't have flood insurance, that will likely be an out of pocket expense.